Sunday, June 1, 2008

#1 Husband

OK, so in January, my crazy, but always delightful, friend Patricia went through a rough break up. Her roommate told her that she should make a list of 100 things that she wants in a future husband. I was like man, when I made my list in college after a rough break up for me, I only had about 10 things on it. Patricia did make her list of 100 things! I was shocked, but then I started thinking. There are more that 100 things about Patrick that I love and couldn't live without. So, here is my attempt at a list. It will, however, come in installments, b/c I have three children who won't let me sit down to write 100 things.

Here goes:

1. Patrick loves Jesus.

2. Patrick is hot.

3. Patrick loves me and our family and always puts our well being before his own.

4. Patrick makes the most wonderful coffee and omelets for me whenever he can. He knows exactly how much sugar and cream I like.

5. Patrick will do anything to make me happy.

6. Patrick lets me win when we run together.

7. Patrick will go on dessert runs, clothing runs, and tampon runs for me whenever I need him to.

8. Patrick tells me that I am beautiful everyday, even the days that I don't get out of my pajamas or put in my contacts. That is true love right there.

9. Patrick will go out at 10 o'clock on a weeknight to fill my car up with gas, just so I won't run late the next morning.

10. Patrick makes me laugh.

I love you and appreciate you babe! More installments to come on this!


david Walters said...

tampon runs? come on! you're not supposed to air that! that's supposed to be a secret that all of us men like to pretend doesn't happen. you've got to protect the sanctity of menhood.

worshipdesign@thevine said...

can we clone him? hmmm maybe calen will develop all of patrick's outstandingness. tanner thinks calen is hott :D