Sunday, August 3, 2008

Longboat Key 2008 - a lot of pictures!!!

Apparently, Emmy Kate thinks sand tastes good!

My dad and niece Sophie.

Ellie Grace's feet. I like feet pictures.

My parents with all their grandchildren

My brother Matt, his wife Autumn, and their children - Fisher and Sophie

My sister Amy - who swears that she is never having kids after spending the week with us. Her husband John couldn't make the trip. We missed you John!!!

The grandchildren!

My parents with my kids!

My parents

An attempt at a family picture!

The most beautiful place in the world!

We went to this cool jungle garden place. We got to hold parrots and feed flamigoes.
Some of the pics got separated, but keep looking below.

This is the walkway at Little Gull where we stay. I love it.

Calen and Amy wrestling the alligator....statue.

My brother Matt feeding flamigoes. Sorry the picture is flipped! The flamingoes came right up to us and let us feed them. It was really neat.
Anyway, Longboat Key is where I would live if I could choose any place in the world. It is really beautiful. Maybe I will win the lottery one day!
Back to work and reality tomorrow!

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Trent & Mary Katherine Cloer said...

Hey girl- Love the pics of your family, your folks, Matt, and Amy- so fun, too bad summer can not last forever! Much love-