Saturday, July 12, 2008

Calen, stitches, and a new look

This was my cute guy yesterday, with cool long hair. It was his style. It was getting a little too long and we were going to get just a trim (a very slight trim) very soon. But, a fall made us change our plans. I was trying to get Ellie dressed to go swimming this morning. Calen was dancing around and lost his balance. He ended up slamming his head into the corner of Ellie Grace's dollhouse bookshelf. I started screaming and Patrick came running. He quickly loaded him into the car and took him to the doctor.

This was the result of the doctor's visit. 5 stitches and a hunk of hair gone.

I am grateful. It could have been worse. He could of hit his eye or broken his nose. The Lord was looking out for him definitely. But now, we have to shave his head. I could cry. Patrick said, "He will just have to get used to a new look. It will grow out again, eventually." So here we go. A new look for Calen.


Laura Hayes said...

Oh my goodness!! I happened to read your blog today and I am so sorry about Calen's boo boo. Surely you only have to shave that one spot and it will grow back quickly.

Trent & Mary Katherine Cloer said...

Oh girl! So sorry but so thankful he is okay- Can't wait to see the new look-

Shea said...

Ouch! Bless his heart! Are you really going to shave off all those curls?!