Wednesday, July 9, 2008

Adventures in Calen Land

So having an almost 4 year old is pretty fun and frustrating. He definitely keeps me on my toes. Last week he almost changed our primary language on our computer to Mandarin Chinese. This week, he decided to decorate the house (after watching me draw flowers in the girls bathroom to paint) by drawing in the toy room, stairwell, and his sister's room. Last night he decided to pee in the bathroom trashcan just for fun. These are the days when I am grateful that I go back to work and he goes to pre-k in a month. Too bad in a month, I will want to be back home with my little guy!

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worshipdesign@thevine said...

what a cute little worship leader! maybe calen and tanner have been consulting each other for she threw the remote in the toilet, 5 or 6 toys in the trash can, and yesterday she and i managed to spill her milk 3 different times. but i love it :)